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Bruère Dawson




An acrobat-juggler with a martial arts background, Henri trained in Circus Arts at the Annie Fratellini National Circus School, then at the National Circus School in Châtellerault, France.

He is actively collaborating with many contemporary circus companies and performs in dance and theater  shows.

Over the course of his career, he has also worked with Clowns Without Borders, the Turak Théâtre, the Orchestre national de Lyon (France), Macha Makeïeff at the Opera of Lyon / Opera Comique in Paris and with Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner.

Sharing experiences and meeting with other artists such as Carolyn Carlson, Philippe Découflé and the Nouveaux Nez  have inspired his personal research.

It is centered around blending arts with the notions of balance vs. imbalance (frailty, risk-taking) and

body vs. object (physical commitment to objects, work on the realm of the imaginary).

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